by huge cosmic

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Joseph Angilletta
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Joseph Angilletta Amazing record. Each song offers a unique experience while still creating a cohesive unit from front to back. Great instrumental work, interesting song structures, cool sonic landscapes while maintaining catchy and memorable vocal melodies make this album an enjoyable listen every time. Favorite track: Sherbet.
Log Jammin
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Log Jammin Biggest sounding band that ever fit in the back of a sedan. Favorite track: Wavelengths.
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Huge Cosmic is:

Dean Snowball - Drums, Samples, Vox
Jacob Hrajnik - Guitars, Synth, Vox

All music and lyrics written by Jacob Hrajnik and Dean Snowball,
with the exception of Track 7, music co-written by Talib Robinson.

Additional performances:
Corey Wong - Electric Piano on Track 6
Talib Robinson - Steelpan on Track 7

Produced by: Jacob Hrajnik & Dean Snowball
Mastered by: Greg Dawson (BWC Studios)

Drums recorded at Snowball Manor.
Guitars and vocals recorded at Electric Hrajnik Studios.
Steelpan recorded at The Lesson Centre.
Electric Piano recorded in Hamlet's Basement.
Recorded from June to November 2013.

Photography and artwork by:
Lucas Kschischang - Glazed Media

Special Thanks:
Greg Dawson; Talib Robinson, Corey Wong, Will Bennett & the rest of the staff at Long & McQuade Brampton; Dave Snowball & Lana La Chappelle; Margaret Hrajnik; Emily Rivas; Mark Rego; Lucas Kschischang


released December 13, 2013

Human Resources - HR004



all rights reserved


huge cosmic Mississauga, Ontario

post-hardcore band from mississauga, on, ca.

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Track Name: Ambient, Ontario
It's been real,
it's been great,
but I can't believe the time,
I must go.

The canvas explodes,
and colours are redefined as gradients.
It's been good,
it's been swell.
Track Name: Wavelengths
Would you believe me,
if I told you I was in your head?

Hold, that, please hold that thought.
Please hold that thought.

Now I'm dancing with the possibility
that my frantic life will bring you peace.

Hold, that, please hold that thought.
Please hold that thought,
when you start to change.

I never meant to be the constant for your days,
but that's the way that things take shape, I'd say.

Our minds work on wavelengths,
so catch the wave.
From crest to trough, you'll have it your way,
Track Name: Pinecone
Fell from a tree into your arms
you decided to take me home that day.

I’ve got a shell that you can’t break,

my heart’s in a place that you can’t reach.

I’ll plant in you all these new seeds:
"That maybe I’m better off alone."

It’s hard to shake these scales,

convinced you will prevail.

Hold me close to the flame,

see that I don’t put out.

So you put me down

back in the ground,

where I lay,

in earth and shade, 


constructed for

the sole purpose

of growing again.

I sprout up and away from being

characteristically upset.

Patterns appeared where you left me

in the soil, now I dig deep instead.
Track Name: Let's Talk About The Weather
Cookie cutter suburb
with all the right ingredients,
for friends with cavities.

Maybe I'm in the wrong
to think that you are the one,
causing me this grief.

I remember a time when
this lego was mine, then
I put it away.
I grew ashamed.

I was the blue sky,
and I made the clouds white,
and then they turned grey,
because I grew ashamed.

Summertime, you know the feeling's right when the concrete rises.
I realized, what little change I start to stop this sugar.
I guess that's why all my hate causes corrosion.
I can't stand to see that my teeth are six feet under.

Me and my toys,
we're gonna high tail it right out of this city.
I am a boy,
I'm gonna steal your thunder, and reject your pity.
Track Name: Zzz
I've been waking up thinking
that sleep is for the weak,
and sleep is wasted time on dreams.

Can I slow down
when my heart is beating way too fast?
Am I somehow stuck between the future and the past?

Every day in my goddamn life I'm sickly ingesting
caffeine to wire my already over stimulated nerves,
cause that's evidently what I need right?

My pathetic North American existence constitutes
I navigate some imaginary plane of now that is far harder to
believe in than Santa Claus or your choice of deity.

I feel so far removed from tangible elements of humanity it's as if I'm wedged between my television screen and endless jacking on.

I've gathered that time is money, and money is power, but I have neither. Time doesn't exist, and it shouldn't, but it controls me.

I'm writing these words as a passage to find a path rather than endless forks, cause uncertainty can certainly hurt you, and it will.

I cling so desperately to a hope that one day soon I'll experience a paradigm shift in my mind and promise myself that I'm due for a come up.
Track Name: Interviewed By Nardwuar
It takes a plan to reach the top the structures that block,
it takes a man to ease the pain of fame and fortune,
then again it makes a man to fight and spit or something
What the hell was I just saying?

What do you do to see right through?
Who do you choose? Who?

It takes a thought to start the mind.

What do you do to see right through?
Who do you choose? Who?

Start the mind, I've got all sorts of time,
sort of why I feel so uninclined.
Sick to bits, and too stupid to quit.
Living with it, just to feel legit.
Fixed on ignorance,
ignorant of bliss,
dizzy from all this reoccurring biz.

It takes a plan to reach the top the structures that block,
it takes a man to ease the pain of fame and fortune,
then again it makes a man to fight and spit or something
What the hell was I just saying?
Track Name: Pretend I Never Happened
Hold you close to me,
so I can say I've been degaussed.
And if I float away,
we can pretend that I never happened.
Track Name: Sherbet
It took 60 million years,
for the sun,
to microwave me in,
this world whose very own night sky,
is crushing me with thoughts from time.

Oh, say that it's alright.

Now let's turn back to our health,
on that day,
we watched the sherbet melt.
I held your hand, you held in my concerns I've kept in all this while.

Oh, say that it's alright.

Teach me a thing or two
About how to forgive myself.
Forgive yourself.